Those who have been through a Family Honor Real Love & Real Life parent-teen program may remember the SPICE segments. SPICE is an acronym that describes developing as a whole person – Spiritually, Physically, Intellectually, Creatively, and Emotionally

During this uncertain time, as so many individuals and families are struggling with how to cope during the coronavirus pandemic, we thought it might be helpful to post some links that can help all of us try to keep a balance in our life in each of those categories AND help with some practical stuff.


Daily Catholic Mass (8:00 am Eastern) and other Catholic programs and

Confession Directly to God

Help Children Pray and Follow Sunday Mass


Online Workouts

Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids (can also be modified for backyard or indoors)

Housing and Homeless Assistance


How Kids Learn

National Home Education Research Institute

Tips for Making Money and Saving Money 

Virtual Museum Tours

Helping Kids Cope with Covid-19

Explore Yellowstone National Park

National Park Webcams


Craft Ideas for Kids

Travel and Craft Ideas for Families

Fun Things to Do at Home


Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Nourish for Caregivers

Emotional Wellness Toolkit

5 Ways You Can Respond in Times of Crisis